Real World Crypto and Blockchain Data Exploration

How to steal bitcoin private keys?

Data produced by UCL researchers and UCL students:

  • A list of known repeated random events in bitcoin blockchain.
  • The same list as a text file with a lot of additional details (e.g. public keys, original scripts, IP address, IP geolocation results etc).
  • And here is a list of events where a certain public key has produced signatures with at least 2 distinct bad randoms (preliminary version does not include multisig events).
  • And here are some visualizations:  since ever, the May 2014 outbreak and the early 2015.
  • And here is the same data visualized as a graph (March 2015).
  • A list of repeated random digital signature events in LiteCoin blockchain generated by UCL student Kwok Cheng. And here is a tutorial and sources how this can be obtained by another UCL student  Qin Tang.
  • A list of repeated public key events in Stellar/Lumen blockchain generated by a team of UCL students with Amer Joudiah, Sebastian Toscano and Mohammad Omer Mirza, larger version with more repeated key events. And here is UCL Stellar explorer software.
  • Software for mining the ZCash blockchain created by UCL student Davitt Killian.
  • Exploring the repeated primes in TLS: datasets produced by UCL students about prime numbers used twice by Internet servers and devices are available here.
  • Some UCL bitcoin databases. See also UCL bitcoin transaction data mining tutorial.
  • UCL student starter project for password cracking with some databases included.

Other sources:


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