Reflections on Mass Surveillance, the New World Order and Why Capitalism Does Not Mean Anything Anymore

Market economy and freedom and democracy are in danger. We are facing an emerging new world order.

Some authors such as Zuboff call it surveillance capitalism, other such as Schneier just point out that this is how the new or Internet economy works, surveillance is how you make money and how you prevail in business. Big Zucker is watching you and controlling what you can say. Google does not need to do evil, because it is rather simply evil in its very essence: in how its main job is to help to transform our economy into a stalker economy, where people are abused by business mafias with help of big data and clever algorithms.

In fact the term surveillance capitalism is questionable. I think it is not capitalism anymore. In my opinion this is actually the end of capitalism as we know it. For centuries freedom and ability to change our destinies have been increasing in all sort of ways. Our freedom is now in decline, and we are facing the end of our current social and economical order. Surveillance and AI-based  machine economy is closer to slavery than to capitalism. Freedom is no longer a tool for emancipation, but a game which clever people are playing against every single person who lives on this planet.

It does not matter who owns the means of production, too bad for Marksists, but it matters who controls it. It is a radical game changer where the human race is no longer in charge or no longer relevant, it is going to be enslaved rather than empowered by the technology we have developed. Free will and freedom of choice are over. Moreover, not only individuals are in trouble. All businesses worldwide also in trouble because platforms, well in fact mafias, are abusing of them equally well. This is why we don’t have capitalism anymore, and BTW, everything is debt, the so called capital or investment matters very little. The finance itself just another computer game against the human race.  

We have more than a new economy now, we have a new world order. In general the idea of Adam Smith that the wealth of nations comes from specialization and businesses thriving by selling what they do best is totally obsolete. Today, businesses are deprived of profits by clever intermediaries, and these intermediaries have powers similar to Stalin or the Chinese Communist Party: they decide which businesses and which individuals are able to thrive, the other need to be ignored and maybe eliminated. For example the game is to make everybody eat junk food and live unhealthy livestyles in order to make people sick and maintain people in poverty. In general the game is to maintain people is mental slavery and depend on the platforms for everything. Platforms could be a blessing for the economy however they seem to be evil and be entirely against the human race and also (more importantly) against businesses they officially serve.  The new masters of the world have no friends, only interests. Platforms are like cancer or like the coronavirus: the global economy has been infected entirely.  

Questions to meditate. 

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