Significant Papers in Crypto History

Intellectual property disclaimer: Copyright and intellectual property are NOT absolute rights. Researchers and university teachers in cryptography have a professional duty and and a moral obligation to educate the next generations of crypto researchers about significant facts in crypto history.

There are places where such education is already implemented, for example in Cryptologia, or at CryptoMuseum.

Then there are places which exhibit until today, shocking levels of amnesia and negligence and ignorance regarding referencing any older or historical work in cryptography.

After 100 years of censorship and fake news, we propose here a small selection of significant papers about crypto history.

  1. Here is the T-310 original specification and study from 1980.
    • Reportedly this document contains some mistakes, or the spec. has been altered slightly see this paper.
  2. Here is the Satoshi original paper or THE bitcoin.pdf paper.