Forthcoming Events:

Most events listed here involve participation of Dr. Courtois or his students/associates as a speaker, panelist, committee member or other stake holder.

  • Speaker at wrOng 2017, Random Number Generation Done Right, 30 April 2017, Paris, France, cf. 11:45 – False Backdoors in Historical Symmetric Ciphers.
  • Panelist at Catacrypt 2017, Paris, Saturday April 29, 2017, Paris, France.
  • Presentation “Crypto Monnaies: Exploration du Côté Obscur” TBC at GS Days, annual French-speaking information security conference, 28 March 2017, Paris, France, Espace Saint Martin Paris 3. Slides presented.
  • Going to CECC 2017. Only Abstracts need to be submitted at this stage, deadline = 30 April 2017. Journal-style printed post-proceedings with submission of full paper after the conference.
  • Panelist at Internet of Things World Europe, Excel, London, 14-15 June 2017.
  • Speaker at BlockChain Live show, 20 Sept 2017, The Brewery EC1Y 4SD, London.
  • Speaker “On Anonymity in Current Blockchain Systems”, Marketforce’s 20th Annual Conference, The Future of Retail Banking, 28th & 29th November 2017, St. Paul’s, London.
Some job offers and opportunities for start-ups.



More old events: see here.


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