Forthcoming Events:

Most events listed here involve participation of Dr. Courtois or his students/associates as a speaker, panelist, committee member or other stake holder.

  • Speaker at BlockChain show, 29 June 2017, County Hall, London.
  • Presentation “Crypto Monnaies: Exploration du Côté Obscur” TBC at GS Days, annual French-speaking information security conference, 28 March 2017, Paris, France, Espace Saint Martin Paris 3.
  • Presenting a research paper:
    Nicolas T. Courtois, Rebekah Mercer: “Stealth Address and Key Management Techniques in Blockchain Systems”; at ICISSP 2017, 19-21 Feb 2017, Porto, Portugal.
    Presentation in Room Régue after 15h45 on 19 Feb 2017.
    Slides presented: Stealth Address as presented at ICISSP 2017.
  • Invited “insight talk” at MyCrypt 2016. Survey presentation title is Algebraic Cryptanalysis: From Plug-and-Pray Experimental Approach to Constructive Optimization. The Pre-proceedings paper title is Two Philosophies For Solving Non-Linear Equations in Algebraic Cryptanalysis, here.
    We also recommend reading this  paper (work in progress) which was briefly reviewed here.
  • PLUG PCC FinTech Series: Blockchain for dummies-meaning behind the buzzword, PLUG Polish Tech Link
    Thursday, November 24, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM (GMT)
    London, United Kingdom, here.
    Slides on Blockchain revolution which are planned to be presented.
  • Talk “État de l’art de la sécurité des blockchains”, Société Informatique de France  Blockchains event 15 Nov 2016, Telecom ParisTech, 46 rue Barrault, Paris 13e, here. Slides presented are here.

  • On 16 Nov I will participate in “Rencontres de l’ARCSI”  à l’École du Val-de-Grâce, ” La dépendance numérique”. Free event.
  • Talk “An Overview of Blockchain Security”,
    Cambridge University Computing and Technology Society (CUCaTS),
    Tuesday 08 November 2016, 19:30-20:30,  HouseMR3,
    Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge, here.
  • Forthcoming ChainConf 2016, cf. here.

  • Dr Courtois has given a survey talk about security of blockchains at 2nd International Workshop on Peer 2 Peer Financial Systems, 8-9 September 2016, London UK. Here are slides presented [extended version].
  • Dr Courtois has given a 90-minute tutorial on security of blockchains on the second? day of Blockchain: Distributed Ledger and Financial Services, on 14-15 July 2016, London, UK.
  • Dr Courtois have spoken at Kassel crypto history conference Euro HCC 2016, cf. pictures, on 5 May 2016.
  • Dr Courtois will speak at Paris Blockchain Vision conference on 12 April 2016, cf. slides planned on Open Problems in Security of Blockchains.
  • Dr Courtois will speak at Quant Summit Europe on the 12-15 April at Amba Marble Arch.
  • Dr Courtois and 5 of his students has attend the Blockchain Tech Lab school in London 11-17 April 2016, cf. here.
  • Public conference by Nicolas T. Courtois (University College London) “Enigma, ou comment les mathématiciens ont gagné la guerre de 1939-45”, web / poster /slidesLeçon de Mathématiques et d’Informatique d’Aujourd’hui, Jeudi 02 juin 2016 de 16h à 18h, au Grand Amphi du LaBRI, Bordeaux University, France.
  • There was also a public conference on the same topic at Pilsudski Institute in London, 11 june 2016, cf here.
  • Learn bitcoin and blockchain in Greece: summer school 30 May -2 June. Dr Courtois and a 9 of his students were present.
Some job offers and opportunities for start-ups.



More old events: see here.


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