Dr Courtois Bitcoin Research in the Press/Media/Blogs/Video/Etc:

  1. A meeting with the self-appointed alleged creator of bitcoin who had the cheek to cheat UK press and major television channels.
    In Ars Technica, 3 August 2016:
    I’M SATOSHI —Craig Wright’s proof that he invented Bitcoin: “F**k off, I’m not going to jump through hoops”.
    Subtitle: Audio interview with Wright had little proof that he was Satoshi, and lots of expletives. By Anthony Sebastian.
  2. Another paper on the same event: Is Craig Wright the Bitcoin Genius? Story by GQ, 3 August 2016. See here.
  3. Also covered by Andrew O’Hagan, “The Satoshi Affair
    Andrew O’Hagan on the many lives of Satoshi Nakamoto”, cf. here.
  4. Dr Courtois is cited on pages 49 and 84 in a report by
    the British government Chief Scientific Adviser,
    Sir Mark Walport, “Distributed Ledger Technology: beyond block chain, here, 19 Jan 2016.
  5. Dr Courtois explains the dangers of blockchain and bitcoin cryptography and 51% attacks on page 101 of the French popular science magazine “Science et Vie”, in a paper by Olivier Lapirot, “Blockchain La machine à fabriquer la confiance”,pages 98-101, Science&Vie, No 1180, January 2016.
  6. Dr Courtois is cited inside “Bitcoin in the Headlines: R3’s Blockchain Dream Team”, by Yessi Bello Perez, 2 October 2015, here.
  7. Dr Courtois was cited 6 times in a paper which appears in NATURE “The future of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and beyond” , by Andy Extance, 30 September 2015, cf. here.
    In Nature 526, pp. 21–23, doi:10.1038/526021a.
  8. Dr Courtois appears on page 13 of printed post-proceedings of Bitcoin and Blockchain Leadership forum hosted by Allen & Overy LLP, London, on 28 Sept 2015, see page 13 here.
  9. Report about Nicolas Courtois and his research on bitcoin in Bit Novosti, bitcoin news service in Russian, 28 June 2015.
  10. Dr Courtois is cited as
    ‘outspoken cryptographer Nicolas Courtois’,
    in “Bitcoin Game #17 – Yoshi Goto, Nicolas Courtois & Shawn Wilkinson“, in “FROM THE FRONT PAGE” section of news service, 14 May 2015.
  11. Dr Courtois is cited many times inside a paper which appears in SciLogs blog, in French, L’attaque Goldfinger d’une blockchain, 13 Jan 2015,  blog par Jean-Paul Delahaye.
  12. eCashBV:
    Nicolas Courtois, cryptographer: “Bitcoin has a toxic culture of people avoiding talking about its problems,  
    in Reddit Bitcoin, 4 Sept 2014, read here.
  13. Izabella Kaminska and Stephen Foley:
    Tech race fuels Bitcoin mining bubble,
    22 August 2014, here.
  14. Nicolas Courtois
    video interviews for Financial Times:
    Dr Nicolas Courtois of UCL on bitcoin:
    excerpts from an interview with Dr Courtois on bitcoin,
    2 July 2014.
  15. Izabella Kaminska:
    Why the golden goose market may be decaying,
    In Financial Times Alphaville BitcoinMania series blog,
    19 May 2014,
  16. Tim Swanson:
    What Dogecoin Must Do to Survive,
    25 May 2014, here.
  17. News item entitled:
    Academic Report: `The Longest Chain Rule and Programmed Self-Destruction of Crypto Currencies’,
    15 May 2014, here.
  18. MrFusion:
    Researcher: cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are programmed to self destruct”,
    The Rumor Mill News Reading Room, 10-May-2014,
  19. Our paper was relayed and renamed (changed title) by here.
  20. Reddit Bitcoin comment: Yesterday at the Royal Dutch Science Academy in Amsterdam Bitcoin’s deflationary features was criticised as its “biggest mistake”,
    cf. here.

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