Some Bitcoin and Cryptography Seminars and Talks at UCL or/and in central London
page maintained by: Dr. Nicolas T. Courtois.

Events advertised at this page are typically open for guests from outside UCL.


Wen 29 Mar 2017,
Christopher Ingold Building XLG1 Chemistry LT
16h30-19h00 Blockchain event with DFNITY Wings Timo Hanke Dr Courtois etc. Tickets are avail here.
Tue 21 March 2017 11-13h,  part 1,
UCL Darwin B05 (entrance from back side not from Gower street)
and also [part 2]
Wen 22 March 2017 9-10,  Roberts 110
11h00-13h00 Introductory lecture about ZK Snarks and Z.Cash, by Mary Maller
(for beginners and UCL InfoSec students)
Wen 8 Feb 2017,  Foster court 130 13h10-15h00 Introductory lecture about blockchain security, and DarkWallet/Monero privacy and Stealth Address techniques for beginners and new students
Fri 27 Jan 2017,  Roberts Building G08 LT, WC1E 7JE 10h00-12h00 Bitcoin for Dummies,
an introductory lecture about bitcoin and blockchain technology for new students
Tue 25 Oct 2016,  Roberts Building G06 LT,

18h00-20h00 Bitcoin: Extending Freedom,
an introductory lecture about bitcoin and blockchain technology for new students
WEN 17 August,
16h or 17h00?-18:00 Ring signatures monero and anonymity presentations
FRI 22 July,
Roberts 105b
16h00-18:00 Smart contracts seminar and student presentations,
Yinqian Wu and Andrew Wood
FRI 15 July,
no seminar
FRI 8 July,
Roberts 105b
16h00-18:00 Side chains seminar, by Tianhong Wang and Chris Jeonghyuk Park
FRI 1 July,
Roberts 105b
TBA:16h00-18:00? Ring Signatures seminar, by Rebekah and Simon
WEN 9 March 2016,
UCL Maths 105
12:00-14:00 Encryption and key exchange for anonymous communications and Tor, Dr Steven Murdoch, UCL.
Visitors who are not UCL students should register.
MON 29 Feb 2016,
Roberts 110
13:00-14:00 More Attacks on Digital Signatures in Bitcoin, Dr Nicolas Courtois, UCL, same slides as before: here , more and slides 36-142 [more technical] in slides part 3b
MON 22 Feb 2016,
Roberts 309
13:00-14:00 More Advanced Attacks on Digital Signatures in Bitcoin,
Dr Nicolas Courtois, UCL  here , more  slides (and here are revision slides about ECCs)
MON 8 Feb 2016,
Roberts 105a
13:00-14:00 Digital Signatures in Bitcoin, Dr Nicolas Courtois, UCL, slides more
FRI 29 Jan 2016
three breakout sessions:
—– 1) UCL students in GA18/M68 = Lab room 4.06, 11h-13h, password cracking hackaton
————2) guests/startups:
Gordon Square (16-18) B03
——-3) at 12h-13h30 there will be another lab/hackaton starting at another location inside UCL
11:00-13:30 Code Breaking Hackaton,
Dr Nicolas Courtois and Guangyan Song
MON 25 Jan 2016,
Cruciform B404 – LT2
13:00-15:00 Bitcoin for Beginners,
Dr Nicolas Courtois, UCL, slides
MON 26 Jan 2016,
Roberts 422
13:00-14:00 Bitcoin Password Cracking,
Guangyan Song, UCL, slides
MON 18 Jan 2016,
Foster Court 243
13:00-14:00 Bitcoin for Beginners,
Dr Nicolas Courtois, UCL, slides
THUR 3 Dec 2015,
UCL Roberts 105b
13:00-14:00 UCL INFOSEC scoping meeting for UCL blockchain projects and teams [only for UCL students]
Dr Nicolas Courtois, UCL
WEN 18 Nov 2015,
UCL Maths Massey LT 25 Gordon st ground floor, WC1H 0AY
10:00-11:00 Bitcoin, Crypto Currency Explained to Students, slides
Dr Nicolas Courtois, UCL
WEN 11 Nov 2015,
UCL Pearson bldg (North East Entrance) G17, Gower street, WC1E 6BT
14:00-15:30 Compact Confidential Transactions for Bitcoin (cf. paper / slides).
Denis Lukianov, Entrepreneur and crypto developer, Voxelsoft, UK 
1X:00-1X:00 TBA
Topics:  TBA


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