Some Bitcoin and Cryptography Seminars and Talks at UCL or/and in central London
page maintained by: Dr. Nicolas T. Courtois.

Events advertised at this page are typically open for guests from outside UCL.


Wen 8 Feb 2017,  Foster court 130 13h10-15h00 Introductory lecture about blockchain security, and DarkWallet/Monero privacy and Stealth Address techniques for beginners and new students
Wen TBC either 22 or 29 Mar 2017,  either Darwin B40 LT, WC1E 7JE or Christopher Ingold Building XLG1 Chemistry LT 16h00-19h00 Big Blockchain Event with many technical talks, TBC
Fri 27 Jan 2017,  Roberts Building G08 LT, WC1E 7JE 10h00-12h00 Bitcoin for Dummies,
an introductory lecture about bitcoin and blockchain technology for new students
Tue 25 Oct 2016,  Roberts Building G06 LT,

18h00-20h00 Bitcoin: Extending Freedom,
an introductory lecture about bitcoin and blockchain technology for new students
WEN 17 August,
16h or 17h00?-18:00 Ring signatures monero and anonymity presentations
FRI 22 July,
Roberts 105b
16h00-18:00 Smart contracts seminar and student presentations,
Yinqian Wu and Andrew Wood
FRI 15 July,
no seminar
FRI 8 July,
Roberts 105b
16h00-18:00 Side chains seminar, by Tianhong Wang and Chris Jeonghyuk Park
FRI 1 July,
Roberts 105b
TBA:16h00-18:00? Ring Signatures seminar, by Rebekah and Simon
WEN 9 March 2016,
UCL Maths 105
12:00-14:00 Encryption and key exchange for anonymous communications and Tor, Dr Steven Murdoch, UCL.
Visitors who are not UCL students should register.
MON 29 Feb 2016,
Roberts 110
13:00-14:00 More Attacks on Digital Signatures in Bitcoin, Dr Nicolas Courtois, UCL, same slides as before: here , more and slides 36-142 [more technical] in slides part 3b
MON 22 Feb 2016,
Roberts 309
13:00-14:00 More Advanced Attacks on Digital Signatures in Bitcoin,
Dr Nicolas Courtois, UCL  here , more  slides (and here are revision slides about ECCs)
MON 8 Feb 2016,
Roberts 105a
13:00-14:00 Digital Signatures in Bitcoin, Dr Nicolas Courtois, UCL, slides more
FRI 29 Jan 2016
three breakout sessions:
—– 1) UCL students in GA18/M68 = Lab room 4.06, 11h-13h, password cracking hackaton
————2) guests/startups:
Gordon Square (16-18) B03
——-3) at 12h-13h30 there will be another lab/hackaton starting at another location inside UCL
11:00-13:30 Code Breaking Hackaton,
Dr Nicolas Courtois and Guangyan Song
MON 25 Jan 2016,
Cruciform B404 – LT2
13:00-15:00 Bitcoin for Beginners,
Dr Nicolas Courtois, UCL, slides
MON 26 Jan 2016,
Roberts 422
13:00-14:00 Bitcoin Password Cracking,
Guangyan Song, UCL, slides
MON 18 Jan 2016,
Foster Court 243
13:00-14:00 Bitcoin for Beginners,
Dr Nicolas Courtois, UCL, slides
THUR 3 Dec 2015,
UCL Roberts 105b
13:00-14:00 UCL INFOSEC scoping meeting for UCL blockchain projects and teams [only for UCL students]
Dr Nicolas Courtois, UCL
WEN 18 Nov 2015,
UCL Maths Massey LT 25 Gordon st ground floor, WC1H 0AY
10:00-11:00 Bitcoin, Crypto Currency Explained to Students, slides
Dr Nicolas Courtois, UCL
WEN 11 Nov 2015,
UCL Pearson bldg (North East Entrance) G17, Gower street, WC1E 6BT
14:00-15:30 Compact Confidential Transactions for Bitcoin (cf. paper / slides).
Denis Lukianov, Entrepreneur and crypto developer, Voxelsoft, UK 
1X:00-1X:00 TBA
Topics:  TBA


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