Investment Opportunities

Resources for investors.

  • There are several pages for investors who want to buy tokens in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs):
    an TokenData and Smith and Crown.
  • Nice website whihh rates ICOs for quality, vision etc.
  • Coindesk maintain a public database of venture capital investments.
  • See also this graph and this detailed ROI tracker where the last column gives us a reasonable way to calculate returns [compared to returns on buying and holding ETH].
  • It is also important to follow the ICOs as they happen on the Ethereum blockchain. For some ICOs this is hard because they generate a fresh ETH address for each investor. However for most ICOs we can follow all the payments easily, see this web site for some real-time reporting on what can be seen.


Investment Tips and Personal Involvement

There are currently three ICOs on which I am an advisor:

  • DomRaider, see here.
  • NaviAddress: see here and the video here.
  • TrustedDoctor, see here.