Freedom Agenda

We are in 2021 very soon,
and the organized crime is still running this planet, see here.

We should not however forget that crypto currency and cryptography in general, are also tools for freedom and against oppression.

Here are some pointers about this:

  • How can dissidents and activists benefit from bitcoin.
  • On two evil empires which dominate our planet. It is also about George Soros, who is a controversial figure, hero or a villain, actually nobody knows.
  • Humans have two fundamental instincts: greed and altruism.
    • After Buffet, Soros and Gates, the Widow of Steve Jobs has joined the exclusive club of people are giving away more or less everything. She actually plans to give next to nothing to her descendants.
  • For a long time the French smart card industry was defending an agenda of personal security, against big data and big brother always online systems etc.
    • A bank card is a system where the bank cannot steal the money from a customer because he does not know the private key. It has worked with a SIM card or a bank card.
    • The inter-bank or inter-mobile phone operator ID portability was however never achieved.
    • In fact it is now with bitcoin (and most modern crypto currencies).
  • Thus in fact; bitcoin is the direct descendant of the French bank card with a chip, where the bank dissolves, disappears or takes a different form [any bank can be our bank and we don’t even need one].