On Organized Crime and Bitcoin

We are in 2020 very soon, and the organized crime under all sorts of form is still running this planet…

When Netflix dares to do a little bit of proper investigative journalism, and report on large-scale corporate crime, strangely nobody likes Netflix anymore and tough times for Netflix are announced. Has Netflix turned into a monster because it actually is doing proper journalism and reporting facts about large scale crime, which are typically confined to competent courts of law, which no one else has the guts to study and report anymore?

Bitcoin and crypto currency world, was also frankly confiscated by various subversive organisations. Some points about this:

  • They are aiming at running just a big casino, where big data smart investors make money, and average and small investors always lose. It is not regulated and avoids ever being called a casino for obvious reasons [of avoiding government backlash like it is now happening with Fakebook and Libra]. For a long time it was just lies or wishful thinking about bitcoin as a future of money, and these are now coming back with the lighting network… Other people were less naive and  embraced just blockchain and distributed ledger technology.
  • However the toxic gold rush syndrome remains an engine fueling the bitcoin economy with so called “sheep’s fleece”. The crypto economy has developed an incredible ability to defraud crowds from their savings and money. This of course for the benefit of various mafias running the crypto economy. This ability lies in manipulating just everything (guess what, market manipulation is allowed) but beyond manipulating the markets, it is also manipulating heavily the public opinion, and also scientific and expert research on these topics. Sponsored research of dubious moral standard flourishes.
  • The crypto world is also all about helping people in corrupt states with capital export controls, to hide and export money, and stash in the West or in Asia.
  • It is also is a platform with entrenched development monopolies. It has been since ever nurturing puppet scientific truth manipulation monopolies, with a culture of irresponsibility. It is a word of deliberate incompatibility, and organized and deliberate manipulation of scientific facts, where the public attention is manipulated not to see the most basic facts which matter, for example here or here, and which produces extensive amount of misleading work research and journalism, on questions which simply do not have the slightest importance.
  • It has developed a culture of disinformation and an easygoing irresponsible and excessive technology push culture driven by ideology. Bugs are called features. Do it first, test it later, allow a lot of money to be stolen, and never practice preventive or careful security engineering, and get rid of any critical expert voices. A culture of defiance towards mainstream security engineering community and the crypto research community. Bitcoin and other crypto currency developers know better, and if you don’t play the song you are expected to play, and you don’t support the official propaganda and brainwashing agenda, nobody will like you, or rather they will un-like you and un-list you, and nobody will listen to you.
  • It is a place where hackers can steal more money than ever before, and simultaneously find new jobs, and it has created multi-billion dollar criminal activity which has never existed before, and actually cannot exist without crypto currency as a key component.