Courtois Research in the Press and Media

Some video recordings with Dr Courtois

  1. On Use and Abuse of Blockchains, talk at Blockchain UA. by Nicolas Courtois, 3 July 2018, here.
  2. Blockchain vision #3 – Nicolas Courtois, see here. 12 April 2016.
  3. État de l’art de la sécurité des blockchains – Nicolas Courtois
    16 déc. 2016, Palais Brongniart, here.
  4. A meeting with the self-appointed alleged creator of bitcoin who had the cheek to cheat UK press and major television channels.
    1. In Ars Technica, 3 August 2016:
      I’M SATOSHI —Craig Wright’s proof that he invented Bitcoin: “F**k off, I’m not going to jump through hoops”.
    2. Subtitle: Audio interview with Wright had little proof that he was Satoshi, and lots of expletives. By Anthony Sebastian.
    3. Another paper on the same event: Is Craig Wright the Bitcoin Genius? Story by GQ, 3 August 2016. See here.
    4. Also covered by Andrew O’Hagan, “The Satoshi Affair
      Andrew O’Hagan on the many lives of Satoshi Nakamoto”, cf. here.
  5. What Bitcoin Private keys say to each other (Nicolas T. Courtois, October 2015), see here.
  6. “How to Steal Bitcoins” – talk by Nicolas Courtois, 7 Feb 2015, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6.
  7. A video Interview by Dr Courtois about Bitcoin for the Financial Times, 2 July 2014.
  8. A talk at the rump session of Eurocrypt 2008 conference, Istanbul, Turkey, April 2008 about Algebraic Attacks on MiFare RFID Chips, here.
  9. A talk at 29C3 conference in Hamburg:  Cryptanalysis of GOST, 27-30 December 2012.

Some Press Media Blogs and Other Reports About Our Research:

    1. Dr Courtois is cited on pages 49 and 84 in a report by
      the British government Chief Scientific Adviser,
      Sir Mark Walport, “Distributed Ledger Technology: beyond block chain, here, 19 jan 2016.
    2. Dr Courtois explains the dangers of blockchain and bitcoin cryptography and 51% attacks on page 101 of the French popular science magazine “Science et Vie”, in a paper by Olivier Lapirot, “Blockchain La machine à fabriquer la confiance”,pages 98-101, Science&Vie, No 1180, January 2016.
    3. An entry about new ideas and new paper by Nicolas Courtois on a well known blog about elliptic curve research.
    4. Dr Courtois is cited inside “Bitcoin in the Headlines: R3’s Blockchain Dream Team”, by Yessi Bello Perez,
      2 October 2015, here.
    5. Dr Courtois was cited 6 times in a paper which appears in NATURE,
      Andy Extance: “The future of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and beyond”, 30 September 2015, cf. here.
    6. Dr Courtois appears on page 13 of printed post-proceedings of Bitcoin and Blockchain Leadership forum hosted by Allen & Overy LLP, London, on 28 Sept 2015, see page 13 here.
    7. Report about Nicolas Courtois and his research on bitcoin in Bit Novosti, bitcoin news service in Russian, 28 June 2015.
    8. Dr Courtois is cited as ‘outspoken cryptographer Nicolas Courtois’,   , in “Bitcoin Game #17 – Yoshi Goto, Nicolas Courtois & Shawn Wilkinson“, in “FROM THE FRONT PAGE” section of news service, 14 May 2015.
    9. Dr Courtois is cited many times inside a paper which appears in SciLogs blog, in French, L’attaque Goldfinger d’une blockchain, 13 Jan 2015,  blog par Jean-Paul Delahaye.
    10. eCashBV: Nicolas Courtois, cryptographer: “Bitcoin has a toxic culture of people avoiding talking about its problems,  in Reddit Bitcoin, 4 Sept 2014, read here.
    11. Izabella Kaminska and Stephen Foley Tech race fuels Bitcoin mining bubble, 22 August 2014,here.
    12. Financial Times videos: two longer excerpts from an interview with
      Dr Nicolas Courtois of UCL on bitcoin:
      here, 2 July 2014.
    13. Izabella Kaminska: Why the golden goose market may be decaying,
      In Financial Times Alphaville BitcoinMania series blog, here.
    14. Tim Swanson: What Dogecoin Must Do to Survive,
      25 May 2014, here.
    15. News item entitled: Academic Report: `The Longest Chain Rule and Programmed Self-Destruction of Crypto Currencies’, 15 May 2014, here.
    16. MrFusion: Researcher: cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are programmed to self destruct”,
      The Rumor Mill News Reading Room, 10-May-2014, here.
    17. Proud to be relayed and renamed (changed title) by here.
    18. Reddit Bitcoin comment: Yesterday at the Royal Dutch Science Academy in Amsterdam Bitcoin’s deflationary features was criticised as its “biggest mistake”, cf. here.
    19. Nicolas Courtois and his team of students have won the UK University Cipher Challenge in March 2013.
    20. Article in ONET.PL, one of the largest news services in Poland,
      Polacy zlamali rosyjski szyfr GOST 28147-89, 25 March 2013, here.
    21. Marek Kozubal: Zlamany szyfr Rosji, 24 March 2013,
      In Rzeczpospolita, one of the leading newspapers in Poland, here.
    22. Article in WROST, one of the largest weekly magazines in Poland,
      Polak zlamal szyfr uzywany przez rosyjskie wladze, 24 March 2013, here.
    23. Dr. Courtois is cited many times [mostly pages 89-92] in the book by Peter Bentley,
      Digital Lives, How the science of computer shapes our world, Oxford University Press, 2012.
    24. Marek Kozubal: Mistrzowie szyfrowania, in Przekroj magazine, 49/2012, pages 46-48, Poland, 2 December 2012,
    25. Article about Polish cryptologists in WW2, citing Dr. Courtois,
      Dziennik Polski, 2 September 2012, pages 9-10.
    26. Article in WP.PL, one of the largest news services in Poland,
      Polacy Zlamali Rosyjski Szyfr – Kompromitacja, 14 November 2012,
    27. Pawel Krawczyk: Nowe ataki na rosyjski GOST, In Computerworld magazine, Polish edition, 14 June 2011,
    28. Luther Martin: Is GOST broken?, in Superconductor, online security and crypto news service, 16 May 2011. here.
    29. Richard J. Lipton, Kenneth W. Regan: “Nicolas Courtois: The Linearization Method”,
      a book chapter where we read:
      “Nicolas Courtois is one of the leading experts on attacks on practical crypto-systems […]
      “There are two cultures in cryptography: the practical cryptography researchers […] P […]
      Courtois is certainly one of the leaders in P.”

      Appears on pages 259-262 in the book:
      “People, Problems, and Proofs: Essays from Gödel’s Lost Letter”:
      by Richard J. Lipton, Kenneth W. Regan, 2010.
    30. Blog entry where we read “Nicolas Courtois is one of the leading experts on attacks on practical crypto-systems” here.
    31. 2-pages press report in Polish with mention on the magazine cover,
      Klonowanie reaktywacja,
      by Marcin Marciniak, in Computerworld Polska, a weekly glossy paper magazine sold everywhere in Poland,
      here, 09/06/2009.
    32. Press report in Polish
      Atak na Mifare bez podsłuchiwania komunikacji z terminalem,
      by Paweł Krawczyk, on IPSEC.PL online news service, in Polish,
      here, 19/05/2009.
    33. Short Internet report in Polish: Jak sklonować kartę warszawskiego metra,
      here, 05/2009.
    34. Report in a Polish community weekly
      magazine edited in the United Kingdom,
      Polak łamie Oyster Card, by Błażej Zimniak,
      in Polish Express, issue 219,
      here, 17-23 April 2009.
    35. Press report in Polish
      Czy da sie sklonowac karte warszawskiego metra?,
      by Paweł Krawczyk,
      on IPSEC.PL online news service, in Polish,
      here, 27/03/2009.
    36. Press report in Polish
      Polak łamie londyńskie szyfry,
      in a Polish Internet newspaper service,
      by Aleksandra Kaniewska,
      here, or here and also here,
      29 March 2009.
    37. Press report in Polish Złamany szyfr karty Oyster
      on the Internet service of Gazeta Wyborcza,
      one of the biggest Polish daily newspapers,
      by Jolanta Reisch, here,
      12 September 2008.
    38. Press report on the Internet service
    39. SC Magazine UK for IT Security Professionals:
      Oyster card hackers may have their research blocked, by Richard Thurston:here,
      26 June 2008.
    40. Press report on the Internet service
      SC Magazine UK for IT Security Professionals:
      Dutch academics hack Oyster card, by Richard Thurston: here, 24 June 2008.
    41. Press report on the Internet service,
      Oyster cracker vows to clone cards, by Robert Blincoe, here,
      reproduced by many other web sites
      (Information Word Review, ActiveHome, ITWeek, Google Information Security groups, etc),
      24 June 2008.
    42. A press release by the Italian press agency Europa 2,
      Smart Card uno scandalo mindialehere.
    43. Press report on the Internet service
      PoloniaUk of the Polish community in the UK,
      Genialny Polak, by Jan Bernacki, here,  19 June 2008.
    44. Press release:
      a report on online news service, in Polish:
      Londyńskim metrem na koszt sąsiada lub teściowej, by Mateusz Aleksandrowicz,
      30 April 2008.
    45. Press release: Ataki algebraiczne na Mifare, by Pawel Krawczyk,
      a report on IPSEC.PL online news service, in Polish,here,
      23 April 2008.
    46. A report on cracking MiFare cryptography
      on one of the most influential German high-tech Internet service:
      Is the MiFare Classic RFID system blown?,
      here, 21 April 2008. Heise Media UK Ltd in London
    47. Another report, in German
      Aus für RFID-System Mifare Classic?,here,
      18 April 2008.
    48. Report on another German high-tech Internet news service:
      MiFare-RFID-Verschlüsselung spielend leicht zu knacken,
      by Robert A. Gehring here, 18 April 2008.
    49. Video on YouTube of the talk given by Nicolas Courtois:
      Algebraic Attacks on MiFare Crypto-1, London Oyster Card,
      Dutch OV-Chipkaart + Approx. 1 Billion Other RFID Chips
      talk 8 given at the Rump Session of Crypto 2008.
    50. Report on cracking MiFare cryptography in DePers,
      a freely distributed Dutch language daily newspaper:
      Logische opvolger ov-chip evenmin veilig, 15 April 2008,
    51. Report on cracking MiFare cryptography in Trouw,
      a Dutch daily newspaper: Beoogd opvolger van ov-chip is bij voorbaat ook al gekraakt,
      by Vincent Dekker, here, and also here, 15 April 2008.
    52. Internet report in Dutch:
      Weer nieuwe kraak chip OV-Chipkaart,
      by Brenno de Winter,
      14 April 2008.
    53. Full-page article in Polish
      Jak się włamać do samochodu znanej marki za
      pomocą kryptoanalizy?
      , by Michał Misztal,
      in monthly (glossy paper) magazine of academics and students
      of Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland,
      Nr 7-9 (136-138), July-September 2007, page 12, ISSN 1507-9988.
    54. Internet report in Polish:
      Czekasz chwile i wchodzisz do dowolnej limuzyny,
      a report on online news service, in Polish, 26/2/2007,
      see here.
    55. Press release: Courtois: nowe ataki na KeeLoq,
      a report on IPSEC.PL online news service, in Polish, 19/02/,
    56. New attacks on ciphers – article in Polish Nowe ataki na szyfry,
      In Security – Computerworld polish edition, 20 November 2006,
    57. New methods for attacking block ciphers –
      article in Polish Nowe metody ataków na szyfry blokowe,
      In Security – Computerworld polish edition, 3 April 2006,
    58. Fast Moving Fronts in Computer Science, interview published on the Internet by the Essential Science Indicators,
      which reports the top 1% of papers in 22 major fields of science, 1 July 2005, read it here.
    59. A Game of Chance, by Dana Mackenzie,
      New Scientist,
      07 June 2003 issue, pages 36-40.
      Title on the front page announces a ‘Cipher Crisis’.
      See here or here.
    60. Crucial Cipher Flawed, Cryptographers Claim,
      by Charles Seife,
      Science Magazine,
      (the world’s largest-circulation general public science magazine),
      27 September 2002, page 2193.
      See here.
    61. Strict codes observed at conference,
      by Leah McFall,
      interview done during the Asiacrypt 2002 conference,
      Otago Daily, New Zealand, 3 December 2002, page 15.
      Read it here.
    62. Code-breakers may have found US computer weakness,
      by Joanna Norris,
      Otago Daily, New Zealand, 29 November 2002,
      see here.
    63. New AES crypto standard broken already? Depends who you ask
      By Thomas C Greene, Posted in Security, 16th September 2002,
      The Register, UK, here.
    64. Press Release: Hank Wolfe speaks about the weakness of AES:
      “Code-breakers may have found US computer weakness”,
      by Joanna Norris, in Otago Daily, New Zealand, Friday, 29-November 2002.
    65. AES News, a Cryptogram article by Bruce Schneier, 15 September 2002.
      See some old discussions.

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