A Short Human-Verifiable Proof that Craig Wright has Cheated the Press

Hours after his TV interview and his coming out in The Economist and elsewhere, I can confirm beyond reasonable doubt that Craig Wright (CW) has cheated us about his ability to sign messages with Satoshi’s private key.

Here is a short executive summary of facts guaranteed to be 100% exact.This is also a short and easy to check PROOF that Craig has lied and cheated.




  1. Craig has claimed (cf. second black screen on hig blog post) that a certain file “Sartre” hashes to 479f9dff0155c045da78402177855fdb4f0f396dc0d2c24f7376dd56e2e68b05 but he omitted to publish the full content of this file in order to check that this is true.
  2. However this CANNOT be true as 479.. was discovered to be a hash of this bitcoin transaction and one cannot produce two messages which have the same SHA-256 hash.
  3. To show this we need to produce a raw transaction before signing, this is done by Ryan Castelucci here, he basically reconstructed the “Sartre” file which never was a citation from Sartre.
  4. In order for the reader to be convinced that this is 100% correct, please check that inside a this bitcoin transaction we have an input script 410411db93e1dcdb8a016b49840f8c53…. which also appears twice inside this online hash tool command which I have created and which contains the whole of modtx re-constructed by Ryan. Please run the command and check that it produces 479f9dff0155c045da78402177… in SHA-256 output section in the web tool. 

Overall CW did not have to sign anything because his message is not new and was previously signed in bitcoin blockchain.
This ends the proof that Craig Wright has cheated us.

Added later: Vitalik enumerates numerous lies by CW. In general CW is champion, here is his most recent lie.

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