Some video recordings: Dr Courtois on Bitcoin Security and Similar Topics

  1. On Use and Abuse of Blockchains, talk at Blockchain UA. by Nicolas Courtois, 3 July 2018, here.
  2. Blockchain vision #3 – Nicolas Courtois, see here. 12 April 2016.
  3. État de l’art de la sécurité des blockchains – Nicolas Courtois
    16 déc. 2016, Palais Brongniart, here.
  4. What Bitcoin Private keys say to each other (Nicolas T. Courtois, October 2015), see here.
  5. “How to Steal Bitcoins” – talk by Nicolas Courtois, 7 Feb 2015, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6.
  6. A video Interview by Dr Courtois about Bitcoin for the Financial Times, 2 July 2014.

Slides on Bitcoin/Blockchain Technology by Dr. Courtois [2013-2016]:

They have now been split into many parts:

0. Overview of Blockchain Security Engineering (-in crypto we trust-) (Paris 15 Nov 2016)
0. Introduction to Bitcoin. Older versions 2016 and 2015.
A. Open Problems in Security of Blockchains [Paris April 2016].
0. Bitcoin: security and freedom (Paris 21 Nov 2014),
0. Bitcoin: Cryptographer’s Dream (Royal Institution, London, April 2015)
7. Bitcoin and Blockchain revolution (planned to be presented here).
0. Bitcoin and Blockchain Security (speed=>security)
1. Bitcoin and money,
2. P2P currency
Introductory maths/CS slides about Groups and ECCs,
Slides on elliptic curve cryptography in bitcoin (less maths, more for engineers): ECCs in bitcoin.
3abcdef. Bitcoin ECDSA and Attacks Survey,
3bef. Bitcoin Secure/Cold Storage and Wallets Survey,
3a. Bitcoin and digital signatures, malleability (old and before Gox),
3as. Bitcoin digital signatures and Segwit,(recent 2018),
3ac. Bitcoin and digital signatures, RFC6979,
3b. Bitcoin key_management, HD Wallets, BIP032,
3br. Bitcoin Brain wallet cracking slides and paper.
3c. Bitcoin and ECDSA, bad_randoms and basic attacks,
3d. Bitcoin and ECDSA: advanced combination_attacks on bitcoin wallet_systems, see also this paper,
3e. Tutorial: how to secure your bitcoins with a MultiSig Wallet in practice,
3f. Tutorial: how to secure your bitcoins with a smart card in practice,
4. Mining,
5a. Bitcoin vs. altcoins, evolution, security, competition, bad vs. good, crowding out,
5b. Altcoins reward desctruction reform etc,
6. Anonymity Crime,
6. Anonymity Monero Z.Cash: shorter/long we also recommend this free online course.
6s. Stealth Address Techniques as presented at ICISSP 2017. 
7. Bitcoins and stock markets
8. Internet 3.0.,
9. Bitcoin engineering, governance, the open source model,
E. Electronic payments (2010)
B. My old slides about bank card technology.

Slides on Bitcoin by well-known researchers:

Mix of all sorts of slides, more or less advanced , sometimes specialist. These source are good at providing proper scientific insights into bitcoin technology and placing it in the context of research literature.

  • A whole online course with videos on crypto currency at Princeton.
  • Resources at decentralized systems lab at Illinois.
  • Stefan Dziembowski: Bitcoin contracts — digital economy without lawyers? Presentation at EPFL June 2014 [pptx,pdf]  and later presentation at ETH September 2014 [view,pptx,pdf]
  • Stefan Dziembowski: MPCs on Bitcoin, rump session at Cryptolens 2013 Weizmann, December 2013  [view,pptx]
  • Stefan Dziembowski: Cryptographic aspects of Bitcoin, In a Polish conference for students, March 2014 [view,pptx,pdf]
  • Slides by Sarah Meiklejohn: slides about bitcoin presented at RWC in London on 7/01.
  • Slides by Biryukov/Pustogarov about security of bitcoin+TOR combination.

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