Courtois Software

Some Software  Developed by Us, Our Friends and Collaborators

  1. HOW to crack bitcoin passwords at a very high speed: brainflayer by Ryan Castellucci with code contributed by Nicolas Courtois and Guangyan Song.
  2. Martin Albrecht, Nicolas T. Courtois, Daniel Hulme, Guangyan Song: Bit-Slice Implementation of PRESENT in pure standard C, v1.5, 26/08/2011, open-source code available at here.
  3. Nicolas Courtois: Examples of equations generated for experiments with algebraic cryptanalysis and ready software for generating the equations, here.
  4. Nicolas Courtois: Some algebraic cryptanalysis software made available for free, by Nicolas T. Courtois, here.
  5. Courtois-Bard-Jeff erson Java converter tool, as described here and presented at ECRYPT workshop Tools for Crypt-
    analysis 2007, a working windows distribution with source code is available here.

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