The Tale of Two Evil Empires

George Soros decided in his old days to pick up a new fight.

Let us be clear about who is George Soros. This man represents simultaneously what is the best and what is possibly the worst, inside our barely democratic Western pseudo-liberal but generally still rather free world (for now).

  1. Wisdom and great intelligence, great sensibility and a noble character, and a great ability act and change the world on his own, some sort of superman for some and for himself. A man who played an important role in the fall of the Soviet Empire.
  2. However he also is one of the most hated men on this planet. He is the usual suspect, accused of all sort of evil actions and subversive activities. He represents in a collective imagination of many people, the dark criminal conspiracy side of the free world, on which accounts, most likely he is simply not guilty.

What is the new fight he is proposing?

It looks like the free market economy and the free world, but also simply the human race, has two new enemies.

  • At the end of 2018 he started to explain that the evil empires of Google Facebook and other Internet Giant businesses need to be at least heavily regulated if not broken or destroyed. I would say that if George Soros makes 10 billion dollars profit on short-selling share of some high tech companies it is OK: probably the planet is going to make 500 billion dollars in profit on getting rid of these monopolist fraudster and tax evading businesses which aim to dominate the global economy through asymmetry of information and exploitation of big data, algorithms against consumers until recently, and now simply robots and artificial intelligence against the human kind.
  • In early 2019 Soros comes back and points at China, as an eminent example of an authoritarian regime which has now evolved, past the market economy stage, into an empire on the verge of dominating the whole planet, due to industrial dominance, and which is also directly competing with our US-based Internet giants for world dominance.

It is a pity that we have recognized this earlier. That our politicians are either imbeciles or they simply work for mafias and lie to us every day. That every day we are victims of fraud which is here not help us but in order to make our lives miserable. That we voluntarily submit to the totalitarian project of the Sillicon Valley, the worst enemy of freedom we have known since fascism and communism have lost in the last century.

Soros proposes that the United States should should “stop waging a trade war with practically the whole world”, and simply “focus on China” and China alone. He proposes to crack down on the Chinese telecom and electronics industry and on their domination inside our connected devices. I think George Soros has (again) picked up a great cause and a great fight. It seems in fact that the prophecy of Ross Anderson from 1998 is coming true: what happens with top-dog country policies when you stop being the top dog: you get hit very hard.

Long live George Soros, whatever are his motivations, nice or not pretty, we need to listen to him and embrace the fight against BOTH evil empires. The emperor has new clothes. We need to say no, try to stop the domination of the world by neither of the two totalitarian organised crime syndicates which emanate from both sides of our planet. We need to stop the construction of a totalitarian dystopian future, when the human race will be enslaved, no longer by financial markets run by Mr. Soros and his friends, but much worse: by a totalitarian dystopian machine economy and mass surveillance capitalism where humans matter very little.

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