Students and Startups Meeting 22 April 2016


Dr. Courtois, UCL contact: and his PhD student: Guangyan Song <>.

Companies present: more or less in order of speaking

Candace Lee <>, looking for backend, frontend, and mobile developers[Android]. – process consultancy, looking for people with industry *interest* (not necessarily experience), who want to have a ramp-up into consulting. “Transforming Society through Technology” Speaker with a fancy ZERADO black box with lots of red leds inside.

Jerome Rousselot, Stefano Paluello,, JITA – blockchainMicroFinance; backend, frontend dev, devops improvements,

Nicola Tchouparov, Dave Askey Tramonex Ltd, , topics: International payments, FX, Ethereum projects!

Rob Knight –, looking for futurist blockchain people.

David Acton., Blockchain App developers, secuirty/crypto knowledge.

Niko, company=Batan,, Key traits: smart creative thinker, self motivated. Description of opportunity: back-end, e-commerce/blockchain integration, UX wallets etc. Opprotunity to define the direction of a beta release. coding skills required!!

Robert Norton,, Stack: GOLANG, Javascript, posetgres. Verisart if the world’s leading platform for certifying and verifying artworks and collectibles. Looking for passionnate engineers to work with us on building our digital provenance layer and extend our API.

Ismail Malik:, looking for “smart contract” coders Ethereum/Python.

last to speak:
Paul Gordon Quantave,, looking for Data Analysts!


Students: more or less in order of speaking:

Guangyan: crypto libraries, password cracking, experience at Cisco scansafe/years with a startup solving industrial problems
Maths, Python, assembly, how to make unbreakable crypto currency talk:
Mercer, Rebekah
rebekah.mercer.15 AT etc [uk]

Settlement, RSCoin, long experience in regulated payment/settlement industry:
until spetember in CLS,
Andrew H Wood <andrew.wood.15 AT ucl. etc…

Jason Papapanagiotakis-Bousy,
password cracking, fast blockchain data mining, prediction curves,
<iason.papapanagiotakis-bousy.15  AT ucl. etc…

Ethereum/bitcoin mining: “Park, Chris” <>
coding/implementaing, system software migrating from Mainframes, Unix, implement crypto, ETH mining

comparative study of methods to STORE coins, exchanges landscape and security:, telecom background,

Privacy, Anonymity, ZK proofs, ring signatures, unlikable payments:
Simon Ma <Huanyu.Ma.15  AT ucl. etc…
have programmed with Java/XML/coin with Python a lot recently

Azeem Ilyas,
coding, freelance for a few companies, financial crime/fraud for 2 years for a bank,
PHP C++ JAva, modbil Androi iOS, Linux, also Windows/Mac,