Criminals Exploit Lack Of Knowledge of How Bitcoin Works

A so called Bitcoin Generator Tool v.2.9 have been released today (Sat 3 Oct 2015) and already 260 downloads within a few hours!

It is a ZIP file which claims that it performs full access on the Bitcoin central SQL database and allows one to add bitcoins to his account.

Needless to say there is no such thing as the Bitcoin central SQL database and this is a pure criminal operation which infects our computers with malware.






Another similar  scam which also very clearly will put off anyone who knows how bitcoin works (they claim bitcoin block reward is 50 BTC while it is 25 BTC) however will work for naive people who don’t know much about bitcoin (which is the majority of people). And here is yet another similar operation.

More on bitcoin crime at Coindesk (very different, very rarely warned the public actual ongoing crime scams or major security risks, BUT it is a good resource about past major high-profile incidents).

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