Comparison of R&D Expenses in Different Countries

octopusglobeWe have heard about the CIA/NSA Uber Apple/Google/Facebook, food industry, rampant imperialism which emanates from a handful of countries… and how these forces corrupt politicians and business circles in many other countries.

Well actually in many cases it is self-inflicted misery. In many cases it is politicians and business people who run these countries do not want them to have a future.

For example it is interesting to compare how much different countries spend on R&D, this in percentage of GDP. In many countries, they spend such a tiny portion of their own money on giving themselves a future, so that they compromise their future. It is clearly NOT true that they have no money. Politicians are not just corrupted, they ask to be corrupted and they send their children to live abroad. Some countries want to be miserable. Tomorrow, in the best case they will be slaves working for people from other countries, or simply unemployed and under-developed.

Here are some figures selected from world bank stats on the GDP percentage different countries spent on R&D [public+private combined].

  • Mongolia 0.2% Pakistan 0.3%
  • Belarus, Bulgaria 0.70% Ukraine,Greece 0.8%
  • Poland, Turkey 0.9% [slides about Polish cryptography]
  • Brazil, Russia 1.1%
  • Portugal 1.4%
  • Canada, UK 1.6%, and UK gets lots from the EU
  • Czech Rep. 1.9% China 2.0%
  • Australia, France, Belgium, Estonia 2.3%
  • Austria 2.7% Germany 2.80%
  • Sweden 3.2% Japan 3.4% Finland 3.6%
  • Korea 3.8% Israel 4.1%


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