Interesting Parts in CIA Leaks

Schneier wrote:

  • 8,761 classified CIA documents […] 2012-2016 […]it sounds like this cache of documents wasn’t taken from the CIA and given to WikiLeaks for publication, but has been passed around the community for a while — and incidentally some part of the cache was passed to WikiLeaks. […]  extraordinary collection […] several hundred million lines of code, gives its possessor the entire hacking capacity of the CIA.[…]
  • […]there is absolutely nothing illegal in the contents of any of this stuff. It’s exactly what you’d expect the CIA to be doing in cyberspace[…]
  • […] these tools are a few years out of date

Danezis in UCL blog wrote:.

  • “If CIA implants, Command & Control and Listening Post software were classified, then CIA officers could be prosecuted or dismissed for violating rules that prohibit placing classified information onto the Internet. Consequently the CIA has secretly made most of its cyber spying/war code unclassified.”

Other observations which many sources reported:

  • Frankfurt is a major CIA outpost for hacking ops.
  • CIA is masquerading to make things look like cyberattacks come from Russia.






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