A Swiss Champion of Empty Promises

The Swiss company Bitmine.CH has an appalling track record.

They sell miners for cash, they sell hosting plans,  they produce their ASIC and they are mining themselves in Iceland.

However all this was funded with customer money obtained on repeated empty promises.
They have let down a lot of customers, nobody knows how many.


  • 1 year ago, I have ordered a miner for 8988 USD. Ordered on 16 September 2013 with Bitmine.CH.
    • The promised to deliver in November/December 2013.
    • Then repeatedly they made promises about prompt delivery, like: we will deliver next week. They didn’t.
  • I have requested a refund on 3 May 2014 and nearly 5 months later I have not been refunded.
  • They made a lot of empty promises about refunds.
    • Some people requested refunds in March, some later.
    • Not sure if anybody was ever refunded.

Many people are now looking for a lawyer to sue them. Some remarks:

  • Are these guys any better than ButterFly Labs?
  • Apparently there is no class action in Switzerland.
  • Also legal costs cannot be easily recovered by the winning party in a lawsuit.
  • This will certainly mean a bankruptcy for Bitmine.CH.

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