Bitcoin Enters White House

The White House has appointed a well known crypto currency expert Ed Felten from Princeton University Computer Science department.


This is a good sign, this means that an informed scientific debate, intellectual honesty and common sense have a chance to survive in the crypto currency world. I have started to doubt about it.

Felten has many times taken positions (in public and in private) against false news, false claims and other straightforward lunacy about bitcoin being circulated, which is quite common in the press, media and even on the margin of some scientific research works. He has politely explained that bitcoin is very far from being broken and exposed many fallacies in work by game theorists about bitcoin. He told people some basic truths about bitcoin governance and has pioneered a more careful approach to reflect about the relative powers of different players in bitcoin ecosystem to change the way in which bitcoin works, see also Sirer vs. Felten debate in Section 13.7 of this paper and on the pages that follow.

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