UCL InfoSec Visit at Bletchley Park – Friday 29 Sept 2017

Our trip took place 29 Sept 2017.  Some 32 UCL students participated.


Students have explored the past in order to find role models for the future.






Due to large numbers, we have split into two groups for a guided Bletchley Park tour, and also had assisted at two bombe demonstrations.






Home Work:

Students have been asked to further study at home how Enigma was broken, see back side of our hand-out.

More details can be found in our teaching materials “Enigma and Block Ciphers – 100 years of cryptanalysis with non-commutative combinations of permutations” which slides are studied in UCL COMPGA18/COMPM068 course Cryptanalysis. After our trip many students have asked to do GA18, and unhappily we have run out of space [the course is currently oversubscribed]. z

Acknowledgments: I would like to thank prof. Angela Sasse for financial and moral support for this event, and also for organizing previous events.

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