XYZ and Saving an Extremely Rare Enigma Machine

Public donations are sought by Pilsudski Institute in London.

The most prominent host of the institute is an extremely rare WW2 Enigma machine. This machine was made in France during WW2 to assist Polish code breakers in their daily code-breaking tasks [done in close collaboration with Bletchley Park, UK]. Only two such machines exist, see here for more details.




This unique collaboration of the intelligence services of France(X), Britain(Y) and Poland(Z), was one of the most significant but also most secret success stories which have made WW2 Victory possible. A new book by Dermot Turing “X,Y&Z, the real story of how Enigma was broken” will be published in 2018. It will reveal new facts based on recently declassified French WW2 archives.


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