Bitcoin Crazy Ride Hits Wall Street

It is a big success for bitcoin and coincides with an incredible price rally where bitcoin has accomplished in 2017. In first days of 2017, bitcoin was worth 1000$. 5 months later in May it was at 2000$, 3 months later in August it was at 4000$, and after another 3 months in November it was at 8000$. Then it has accelerated and doubled in 2 weeks reaching the whereabouts of 16,000 $ now. We see that bitcoin price has grown way faster than exponentially! At the end bitcoin+competitors are now worth more than Facebook.

Now beware bitcoiners. The evil empire will now strike back. This is precisely the whole point of the futures market. Previously most investors would either buy bitcoins, or abstain (and maybe regret that they didn’t buy bitcoins). Now more traders than ever will trade both ways: many traders will now be able to short bitcoin and profit when the price goes down!!!

Overall many commentators say that the existence of bitcoin futures markets will rather not decrease but BUT increase bitcoin’s volatility making it maybe a weapon of financial mass destruction (Buffet). These comments are particularly visionary for bitcoin. If in traditional markets you already have the cyber security question, these questions are more likely to bite in bitcoin. There are huge risks bitcoin collapsing very badly due to a bug or a backdoor or a large cyber attack on P2P network, software and hardware ecosystem, deposits kept on exchanges, or on miner pools. In bitcoin, some catastrophic events is what is bound to happen, or is very likely, just listen to John McAffee. The show must go on.


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