30 Years Ago

Exactly 30 years ago, Stasi was dissolved. 13 January 1990. 91,000 full time employees and 189,000 unofficial collaborators and informants lost their jobs and privileges.

The German government has done a lot to preserve anything which Stasi has ever done. Some links:

  • At this moment in Brussels, inside the EU Parliament there is an exposition on this topic.
  • Here is a paper about Stasi from 2017 published in Wired.
  • Putin had close ties with Stasi.
  • Here is some art work about a Stasi prison by Karolina Spolniewski.
  • And here is a video interview by Bernd Lippmann, a teacher who was thrown into a prison at one time and one of some 34,000 political prisoners, later evicted, and for whom a huge amount of money (a ransom) was paid by West Germany, in order to free these prisoners.
  • And here is a paper on cryptography developed by Stasi and used to protect all sort of communications for the German government during the Cold War.

Remark added later: 13 January 2020 was the first case of Coronavirus outside of China. An old lady from Wuhan… Conspiracy theories will thrive!

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